Insulated Composite Panels

The complete system of pre-insulated monolithic composite panels manufactured by TSSC offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for building roofs and walls for various kinds of industrial and civil structures.

The unique sandwich construction of the composite panel is a result of injecting rigid polyurethane foam at high density between two rigid facings. With the combination of a variety of quality facing materials, TSSC offers a wide choice of sandwich panels.

• Compliant with the most stringent life expectancy and structural demands.

• Offer excellent acoustic performance, fire resistance and thermal insulation.

• Differentiated sections of corrugations offer structural characteristics to the building.

• Plain and corrugated finish.

• Pre-painted and mill finish in Aluminum, Aluzinc and galvanized steel.



• Ceiling and Wall panels.

• Internal Linings.

• Fascias and Barge Doors.

• Decorative finishes for buildings.

• Weatherproof layer for the roof.